Excel and Adobe PDF Forms Help

Do you need help with Microsoft Excel?

I have Excel Master-level skills, am familiar with every version of Excel from 95 to 2016, and am willing to assist when you need help with complex spreadsheets, designing templates to use in your business, or even importing text based data into spreadsheets.

Send an email to Excelhelp /at/ Bettencourtt.com !

Explain in the email:

  • Who you are
  • Your business name & location
  • What kind of help you need
  • Attach the spreadsheet or text file relevant to the question.

I will reply to your email within one business day with an estimate of charges.

I also do user forms in Adobe Acrobat. I can take your form, and turn it into a PDF file with user fields that they can type into and print. Email me an example of the form you need. I can convert Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and even turn hand-written/designed forms to a professional, business-class form.

Before doing the form, I will need to get a statement from you that you have ownership of the form and that you retain all rights to distribute it. I will not modify or copy forms that are protected by copyright.