A few minutes spent catching VIN, mileage, spelling, and deal number mistakes before closing could save hours or days trying to make corrections and getting contracts re-signed. Making sure the deal is right the first time, every time, also has a positive effect on your reputation.
No one is perfect, and mistakes are sometimes made. It is important to verify the numbers are printed as agreed, including Sale Price, Payment terms/dates, and taxes and tag/title fees.  
Misspelled names, mistyped VINs, mileage, or driver license information and missing disclosures or forms can cause headaches at registration. Check with your local DMV or tag office for a list of required forms. Many states issue a Title Manual that will be very helpful in answering questions, and provide a documented basis for your decisions. 
Other forms that may not seem important now will be at some point down the road. For example, in Florida, if you are collecting the Tag/Title fees COD, you MUST have the COD agreement signed by the customer at the time of the deal. Otherwise, you cannot send the Registration Stop Request in later.
Missing insurance, arbitration, or repossession agreements can cause legal issues.  
This is your time to separate yourself from the consumer for just a few minutes to check these things and verify without distraction. Remember that this set of papers is a legal contract that binds both the consumer AND the dealership. Sometimes, it is a good idea to have someone else check the deal pack. Some of these issues can have the effect of having the deal rejected by a third-party lender.
A good idea is to always have your sale documents in a certain order. If you inspect the deal pack in the same order every time, you are more likely to notice a missing form. Presenting the forms to the consumer in a certain order each time will also smooth out the closing process. Take the time to present and explain each document, pointing out the key elements of the agreement.
Always remember that mistakes are infinitely easier to fix before closing than after delivery. 

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