ADVERTISING Be careful when advertising the prices of cars. Most dealers already know that it is a violation of federal law to represent a different Cash Price and a Finance Price. What many more do not know is that in most every state, if you charge a Sales Fee, this fee must be included in… Continue reading ADVERTISING


The question of the day is: What is your Policy? Policy for what? — Everything. How do we handle any given situation? Most things are common sense, but some things need to be addressed. It could be how you handle certain transactions in your accounting, to how you pay commissions, to how you resolve complaints. Point… Continue reading WHATS YOUR POLICY?


Looking Ahead to 2016: In our last visit, we talked about how to prepare for the end of the year. If you haven’t read that entry yet, go do it now, and get that part done. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. Oh, you are back. Good. Now that last year is set on course, let’s… Continue reading WHATS THE PLAN?


YEAR END MADNESSOK, Time to close this thing out. Are you ready?First, you have to ask yourself some questions, and this is a good time to do it.  Do my Transaction Reports match my Bank Deposits?  Is my bank account(s) ready to be reconciled?  Have I authorized all non-payment transactions? Voids Credits Other adjustments. Can… Continue reading YEAR END CHECKUP


SALES TRAINING IS MORE THAN JUST “GO SELL CARS” To be honest, “One Size Fits All” is a load of unvarnished malarkey even in the clothing business. But we are here to talk cars, not clothes, so I am referring to your sales presentation, not your suit. We talked before about outfits. (In this previous post).… Continue reading ONE SIZE FITS ALL?


This is by no means a complete tutorial on compliance. — You need to read and be familiar with the rules discussed, and interpret them for yourself, or contact an attorney for assistance.  The Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for the Red Flags Rule includes this statement:  Each financial institution or creditor that offers or maintains one or… Continue reading FTC RULES COMPLIANCE